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Gentle Exfoliant Acetyl Glucosamine 9%

Why is it better? Our sugar exfoliant active , N Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG) , is a skin identical ingredient. Acid exfoliators (Aha, Bha) dissolve the glue between cells. NAG works by binding to the cell receptors signaling renewal, speeding up the natural exfoliation of skin. Since NAG is a sugar, the PH is identical to a normal skin. No stinging, no redness, no photosensitivity. Strong antiaging activity, very gentle for the skin.

What does it do: NAG penetrates deeply into skin, speeding up the renewal of cells. Since NAG is the building block of hyaluronic acid, it increases the biological creation of collagen and hyaluronic acid, leaving your skin plump, hydrated and renewed.

How to use it: Apply 2-4 drops to the face and neck area and massage gently (your skin might need slightly less/more). Use up to 2 times a day. After drying (20-30 seconds), you may layer otjer products.

Great for: mature, combination, dry, oily skin; compatible with all skin types.