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Liliana has been featured in over 150 national newspapers, magazines and websites as a resource for Advertising, Marketing, Mentorship, and Retail for Spas. She was most prominently featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, USA Today, ABC News, and The Boston Globe’s Business section discussing how the economic rebound positively impacted her business.  Liliana is excited to share with you how she successfully incorporates Hale & Hush into her back bar and retail shop.

Small businesses see revenue gains, hire workers

Liliana Aranda's business began picking up in March. Her 4-year-old company, Faces By Liliana, gives facials, massages and other spa treatments in homes or offices in the San Francisco area. 

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Million Dollar Esty

Liliana Aranda LE Cmld saved $900K in her Beauty Business by just doing this ONE THING!

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Startups & Style

StyleSeat had the honor of participating in a fantastic event this past week! We were lucky enough to be invited to help host “Startups & Style”, San Francisco’s effort to bring fashion, beauty and tech together in one room. 

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The Benefits of Hosting a Pop-Up Spa

There’s a new way to introduce your products and services to prospective clients. Behold, the power of the pop-up spa.

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Urgent Question from Small Businesses: When Will the Aid Arrive?

That’s the urgent question for small business owners who have been devastated by the coronavirus outbreak. They’re awaiting help from the $2 trillion rescue package signed into law Friday. But with bills fast coming due, no end to business closings and an economy that’s all but shut down, owners are worried about survival.

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10 Retail Merchandising Best Practices to Follow in Your Store

“My #1 retail and sales tip is utilizing the Try-before-you-buy approach,” says Liliana Aranda, owner and esthetician at Faces by Liliana.

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Gluten-free Facials and Skin Care * Kasia Makes National News

The face is the area of most concern, since products applied on it can easily come into contact with the mouth; therefore gluten-free facials will be among the treatments more sought after by this new and seemingly increasing segment of the population. Liliana Aranda of FACES...

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