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Masque Bonjour Collagen Facial Treatment Sheet Mask

Our favorite monthly at-home treatment ever! Regular application of our bi-layer sheet mask for a minimum of 30 minutes will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles using marine collagen and peptides, while reducing hyperpigmentation. For best results, layer over Serum le Grand (firming), Serum 1975 (hydrating), or Serum des Étoiles (brightening). The powerhouse trio of Hyaluronic Acid, RNA and DNA correct and repair damaged skin in one use.

Thisserum-saturated mask features freeze-dried marine collagen and an advanced delivery system for exceptional results. Marine collagen, peptides, powerful antioxidants, botanical extracts, and a stable form of Vitamin C help hydrate, brighten, and firm. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after just one application. Dry, normal, combination skin will benefit from this treatment. 

Le Pro Tip:Chill for 2 hours before use. In the professional setting, use tools for infusing atop the mask, such as the metal tip on the Facial Refresher Tool, or with an ultrasonic skin spatula set to “infusion mode”.