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Serum des Ètoiles Eye + Pigment Treatment

Powerhouse duo Haloxyl™ + Shadownyl™ correct hyperpigmentation and release trapped fluid, which are the two main causes of under-eye dark circles. Our neuro infuser formula provides anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation benefits with Liftiss™ for an immediate silkening effect. When paired with our Serum Pour Réviser, the skin will look more refreshed, more youthful, and healthier overall.

Designed for the under eye area, or as a spot treatment on the face and body. Please use physical methods of Sun Protection when using this product, such as Crème Pré Soleilfor the body, or Crème Pré Soleil Tintedfor the face.

Le Pro Tip:For an illuminating experience, layer Serum des Étoilesunderneath our Atelier Liliana Masque des Étoiles Brightening Eye Treatment Pads.

Les Ingrédients Importants: 

  • Haloxyl™activates the elimination of blood originated pigments responsible for dark circles and inflammation

  • Shadownyl™rejuvenates the eye contour area while enhancing skin firmness and reduces the appearance of dark circles

  • Organic Marshmallow increases circulation and acts asan anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle, toning, conditioning and moisturizing agent.