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Masque de Tahiti– Exfoliating Treatment

Starring Banana + Avocado Oil, Masque de Tahiti is a decadent enzymatic exfoliating Masque that dissolves dead skin cells without the need to scrub. Pineapple + Papaya enzymes efficiently remove unwanted surface debris, refine lines, re-texturize skin, while adding a soft focus for a beautiful complexion. Ideal for those with sensitive or reactive skin, or those who desire exfoliation with additional stimulation. In homecare use, use weekly for best results.

Le Pro Tip: Use shower steam to soften masque, or an herbal steam bowl to loosen clogged or congested pores. After rinsing, follow up with Tonic de Hydratant.

 Les Ingrédients Importants:

  • Avocado Oil nourishes and hydrates

  • Banana offers natural skin-softening properties to loosen keratin plugs

  • Fruit Enzymes remove dead skin, refine texture, and allow product penetration.