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Lindo Silijelly Makeup Blending Sponge - Single with case

The SiliJelly Sponge is an excellent makeup applicator that can be used for foundation, concealer, BB cream, blush, and serums. It comes with a clear travel case to keep lint off when on the go. The SiliJelly Sponge does not absorb the liquid, so you can reduce waste of makeup and save more money by using this products instead of the regular sponge. Also this product is easy to clean and sanitize. Simply wash and rinse off the makeup residue with soap and warm water, then reuse this sponge as needed. Hypoallergenic, great for sensitive skin. Antibacterial, durable, reusable and compact.

Material: Silicone

Assorted colors: clear, or pink

Instruction: Apply a minimal amount of makeup and gently dab on skin. Repeat in a circular swiping motion until desired coverage is achieved. This product can also be used for tanning lotions.