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Opalite Gua Sha Stone or Shatter-Resistant Resin

Our Opalite Gua Sha Stone is the perfect tool for facial, body, and fascial work. Used in Traditional Chinese medicine for pain relief and facial rejuvenation, some of its benefits include microcirculation, detoxification by lymphatic drainage, skin toning and firming, wrinkle prevention, cellulite reduction, and activation of 'rest and digest' responses. Used in our Little Zen Face Pilates Treatment, you can maintain spa-quality benefits at home with your Opalite Gua Sha Stone.

If you prefer, a Resin Gua Sha that is Shatter-Resistant will give you all the same benefits without the risk of breakage.

Please Note:  How to Care for your Resin Shatter Resistant Gua Sha 

Wash with Dawn dish soap or Gel Facial Cleanser before initial use. Dry with soft,  microfiber cloth. Store in box when not is use. When using on multiple faces, use disinfectant wipes to clean between uses, keep dry when not in use. Do not use with heat or keep in extreme temperatures. Do not microwave, freeze or boil.
If Gua Sha tool becomes chipped, cracked, warped or damaged do not use. Best when paired with Atelier Liliana Enhance Oils or Hydrasol products. Avoid using or cleaning with harsh chemicals or solvents.