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NOUVEAU! Atelier Liliana To-Go Kit

Atelier Liliana TO-GO Kits include one each of the following, Petite Kits include everything shown with **:
  • Bonjour Wash**
  • Bonjour Masque Sheet Mask (single use)
  • Tonic de Hydratant 1 ounce refillable spray**
  • Serum 1975**
  • Serum pour Reviser**
  • Serum des Étoiles sachet
  • Serum le Grand**
  • Intensif Hydratant for Eyes sachet**
  • Créme de la Créme** 
  • Masque de Tahiti**
  • Masque de Étoiles pair of Eye Gel Masks**
  • OliveSpa Lip Balm
  • Eyelash Brush

The To-Go Kits come in reusable bags.

Each purchase of our To-Go Kits goes directly to Liliana's educational expenses towards Entrepreneur + Innovation programs.