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Créme de la Créme - The Best Facial Crème

Starring Inca Inchi Lipoactiv, with Organic Shea Butter, Mango and Cocoa Butter, this unique blend softens and protects skin with long-lasting moisture. Unique Renovage™ extends the lifespan of skin cells by 30%. The smoothing of fine lines and deep wrinkles is attributed to Sqisandryl™, which strengthens bonds between skin layers. Our Spa Guests say it’s the best of the best! Because this is a product with naturally-derived ingredients, color and aroma may vary from batch to batch.

Le Pro Tip: Pat product onto skin, using hands or a dry makeup sponge. Smoothing onto dry skin will allow the product to dry completely and mattify without “balling up” or pilling. 

Les Ingrédients Importants: 

  • Inca Inchi is rich in Omegas; gives skin a dewy appearance while reducing age spots

  • Sqisandryl promotes firmness, elasticity and resilience

  • Mango Butter protects from UV radiation; encourages cellular turnover.